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Why the need to use a hammermill:


Not all of the bean is edible. The pulp between the shell and the seed is the mos accessible part we use for food. The pith around the stone hard seeds has the protein rich material.


Our popular home milling methods are just not up to the task, and most cannot crack the hard seed coats. In the past, Indians used special grinding stones and a lot of physical effort.


A hammermill can crush and grind both the pith and the seeds and discard the inedible debris in the same process.

The hammermill we obtained is perfect for our needs:

With this heavy duty, yet easily transportable mill, we can pound the tough mesquite beans into the nutritious flour in less than an hour, and do it wherever we set up our Pop-Up Milling events.

We plan on bringing the mill to community events, farmers markets, and basically almost wherever the community needs can be met.

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"Our new (used) GrowPhx Community Mill brings a new level of food independence to our Valley. One where we can harvest an unlimited resource hanging in trees and turn it into food that nurtures our soul and fills our belly."

–Greg Peterson

"Mesquite is a whole food. It was the staple of the native peoples of this land for centuries. I am passionate about this project and believe that our fundraising project is critical to bringing many successful years of milling to the Valley.."

–Don Titmus

We are expanding our local food options starting in our own yards!